Lance Baker Fent & the Conspiracy

Pat took and interest in drumming in grade school. When he was eight he discovered David Grohl. He practiced banging around on pots and pans and received his first snare drum at nine and a full kit at eleven. He then started drumming with his older brother Pete and friends. Later, he formed his own metal band Andalusha and thrashed the Arizona metal scene.


In 2008, Pat moved to California and attended the Musician’s Institute. He met Lance Baker Fent at Starbucks. Within a few weeks he performed with Lance and Maryvonne at the Canyon Club and has been active in bringing Lance’s compositions to life ever since. His playing has evolved dramatically to accommodate all the nuances of Lance’s writing style.


Pat has also been active in L.A., drumming for other bands and projects. Beside Lance’s band he is currently active with Others, a punk and metal infused rock band, as well as Billy Jack, and on occasion Marishi Ten.