Lance Baker Fent & the Conspiracy

Maryvonne’s life has been eclectic; She grew up in Paris, studied music in India for five years, which led to her teaching at Wesleyan University and UCLA. Living in California she fell in love with electric bass and exchanged her saris for platform boots to play rock-and-roll.


An ethnomusicologist with a specialty in South Indian Music, she shares her time between playing bass and writing novels featuring her beloved India. Two of them, Mango Blood and The 35-cent Dowry are soon to be published. She also has digitalized a wealth of photos and recordings she collected in India, Nepal, Sikkim and Kashmir. Her long term goal is to produce a documentary appraising the timeless nature of Indian music in the midst of cultural changes experienced since India’s Independence in 1947.


She wrote and recorded soundtracks for movies on her Indian instrument (the veena) and played bass in a series of bands including "The Total Eclipse", "Californa Gold", and "Bijou" before playing with Lance.