Lance Baker Fent & the Conspiracy

Lance Baker Fent is a prolific guitarist, singer, songwriter and entertainer; a former member of "The Peanut Butter Conspiracy". He is pursuing a solo career to showcase his songs.


His lyrics are informed by a lifetime of curiosity regarding our origins, the source of our existence, the full use of all our faculties, and the infinite nature of our resources. Lance sings to the innate oneness of all humanity and all matter, to infinity and beyond. These messages have been carried out through farming, ranching, railroading, touring, recording, building, developing and writing. “We all have a gift: a huge brain, mind, and spirit. It’s what we do with our gift that defines us.”


Some of his previous bands affiliations were with "Spontaneous Combustion", "Good Times" and "The Peanut Conspiracy".


In '97, he put together "Midlife Crisis" with whom he recorded Breakthru, American and Drifter. In 2009 he formed a power trio, Lance Baker Fent and the Conspiracy, keeping Maryvonne on bass and adding Pat Martin on drums. With Pat and Maryvonne, he released "Philosophy Rock", "Ain’t No Rules", and "Dig Deeper".


"Dig Deeper", his latest CD, was be released November 2018!